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Enjoying a Clean Office Commences With Hiring the Right Office Cleaning Service!

The advantages of a clean Ozaukee County office are numerous.


Staff is healthier. Office machinery, which can be susceptible to contaminants, operates better. Organizational morale is higher. Ozaukee County visitors come away with a better impression of the work location.


Clean offices don’t just happen, howeverthey need the skills and tenacity of a professional commercial cleaning service. Many services are able to wipe down or vacuum a given office space. Not all are created equal, however – or pay attention to the details that indicate a really clean, hygienic work area.


Some office cleaning tasks are normal in Ozaukee County: dumping wastebaskets and putting in new liners, dusting open furniture work tops, wiping down bathroom and break room counters, etc. Still, many commercial cleaning companies commonly ignore places that aren’t easily reached, or are mainly out of sight.


Since 1986, Dust Free Cleaning Service has followed standards to ensure that every space is clean: dusting cubicle tops and shelving, vacuuming complete carpets instead of just heavy traffic areas, mopping around toilets instead of just in front, cleaning bugs and cobwebs from window sills … the list goes on.


Considering an office cleaning service in Ozaukee County should entail some pertinent questions: Which jobs are done every time, vs. less often? How often are extra services performed, and on which day(s)? What is the average tenure of employees? Which types of products are used to sanitize bathrooms? If a workspace has unique floors, are correct cleaning products used?


Due to exceptional employee longevity at Dust Free Cleaning Service, the same workers usually work in the same offices night after night. They know buildings’ nuances, especially areas that require extra consideration. Every employee is bonded and insured, usually entering buildings with key cards or individual alarm codes.


Dust Free Cleaning Service offers commercial property cleaning for a wide range of properties in Ozaukee County: multitenant office buildings, corporate headquarters, financial institutions, municipal buildings, libraries, schools and churches. Its commercial office cleaning crews typically spend two to three hours at each site, generally after operating hours.


Ever get a hunch your office isn’t as clean as it could be? You’re likely correct. Contact Dust Free Cleaning Service for a complimentary office cleaning quote. Isn’t it time you began enjoying the benefits of a really clean workspace?


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