Dust-Free Residential Carpet Cleaning

All carpet cleaning quoted will be performed based on the International Institute of Carpet and Upholstery Certification's national standards, for care and maintenance of installed textile floor covering.


Dust-Free Cleaning Service will use State of the art Truck Mounted hot water extraction cleaning equipment. This is a restorative cleaning process and depending on the age and condition of your carpeting will give you superb cleaning.

All cleaning solutions used by Dust-Free Cleaning Service are environmentally sound and professionally formulated. Temperatures used in the hot water extraction procedure exceed 230 degrees. This will provided sanitizing levels, maximum soil removal and provide optimum indoor air quality.

Dust-Free Cleaning Service will pre-spray the carpeting. The pre-spray is sprayed under pressure into the carpet. It will penetrate the carpet and break down grease and grime to help provide the best cleaning possible.

All cleaning procedures and techniques employed are recognized by major carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers as the most effective method of cleaning carpet, as well as the most recommended in maintaining textile warranties.

Dust-Free Cleaning Service will provide optional carpet protector (Scotch Guarding). Carpet protector will allow the carpet to stay clean much longer. Also, when things are spilled the problem area ,wi!l be much easier to spot and the protector should help to prevent permanent staining. Other benefits include: more effective future cleaning because the dirt cannot penetrate into the carpet fibers and will be easier to remove. Carpet will last much longer from more effective maintenance.

Dust-Free Cleaning Service will include the following as part of the maintenance program at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE:

  • Pre-conditioning of all carpet
  • Hot water extraction throughout
  • Speed drying of high traffic areas
  • Movement and replacement of furniture in rooms to be cleaned
  • Clean up of any over spills
  • Total customer satisfaction