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Cleaning Milwaukee County Office Carpet? Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning that Works for You!

Not all carpet cleaning businesses in Milwaukee County work identically. Would you know if your office, clinic, restaurant, church or other facility was being cheated by its commercial carpet cleaning service?

Here's how some "professional" carpet cleaning services shortchange customers:They don't pretreat the entire carpet. They don't apply a second pretreatment to resistant stains or high-traffic areas. They use equipment better designed for residential cleaning, on heavily-used commercial carpets where hundreds (or more) feet trod every day.

Sound like a situation you'd like to avoid? If so, trust your office carpet cleaning to Dust Free Cleaning Service, the local carpet cleaner that has been dependably (and completely) serving commercial customers in Milwaukee County since 1986. Your carpets will look as welcoming as the day the office opened!

Dust Free Cleaning Service takes a detailed, skip-no-steps approach to every commercial carpet cleaning. The entire carpet is pretreated with a wet spray solution. Stains get extra attention with a spot remover for carpet.

Following pretreatment, carpet shampooing ensues with a truck-mounted hot water system. This powerful equipment sustains identical precise water temperature throughout, ensuring that every inch of your carpet is treated with hot water that fully energizes cleaning agents.

Pumps on the truck-mounted system employ powerful suction, too. Your carpet dries quickly. No heavy machinery is wheeled inside to potentially leave marks or indentations on carpet.

Milwaukee County commercial buildings should have their entire carpets cleaned annually. High-traffic areas should have an additional annual treatment, at a six-month interval from the complete cleaning.

Truly professional carpet cleaning involves professional training for its workers. All Dust Free Cleaning Service team members are certified in use of carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals. Employees are noteworthy for their longevity with the company, too – some have more than two decades of experience!

"Thorough cleaning" means thorough, too. The carpet cleaning professionals at Dust Free Cleaning Service move floor mats to clean carpet under desks. They move boxes. They clean right up to the edges of cubicles.

Your carpet is left clean and renewed. If anything lingers, it's a fresh, lemon scent from the cleaning solutions.

The quality of a complete carpet cleaning, however, will be noticeable. Don't take risks on a carpet cleaner cutting corners for your Milwaukee County business.. Contact Dust Free Cleaning Service for carpet cleaning service that goes the extra distance – and gets every inch as clean as possible.

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